Monthly Change Log: April 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
6227 core Bug Excessive logging hides diagnostics.
6221 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: corrupted window state is shown on Rule Window form for subsequent commands with same timestamp.
6213 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: can not set variable value to notify_time.
6212 client Bug Python API Client: tests failing.
6206 sql Feature Scheduled SQL: query results in HTML format without form.
6204 api-network Bug Non-descriptive error logged when TCP handler receives an invalid command.
6201 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: HTTP 500 code when trying to access variable from another rule.
6200 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: coalesce function with 4 arguments throws an error in variable field.
6196 administrator Bug Server Properties: EOL and whitespace not trimmed in
6195 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: create a separate queue for each action handler.
6194 security Bug API Tokens: match URL considering different ways of URL encoding.
6187 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: derived command causes an error at runtime if it contains line breaks.
6186 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: derived commands error hidden.
6185 security Bug Security: wrong HTTP codes when trying to get token.
6183 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Log to Alert History setting is ignored.
6181 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: customizable action execution delay.
6179 UI Bug UI: Unsupported patterns suggested in time autocomplete.
6175 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: update function names for syntax highlighting.
6173 email Bug Mail Client: infinite loading with wrong server name.
6172 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: empty window when saving rule without name or condition.
6171 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement autoAggregate setting for forecasts.
6170 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: function changes.
6168 UI Feature Forecast View: grouping support.
6164 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: new utility functions.
6155 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add parameter to value function to return a default if metric is not present in the command.
6154 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: property processing on incremental updates.
6152 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: error not raised if variable is declared multiple times.
6150 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: rule validation hangs.
6149 forecast Bug Forecast: read stored forecasts with the same tag.
6147 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: unreadable expression on condition evaluation exception.
6146 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement grouping by entity and specified series tags.
6144 forecast Bug Forecast: unstable SSA calculation.
6142 forecast Bug Forecast Settings: series is not available for forecasting if it's last insert time is bigger than now.
6140 core Bug Delete error.
6138 core Bug DateParsingUtil::parseWithLocalTime ignores wrong day number.
6136 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: Open Details link shows empty content on some clicks.
6135 UI Bug UI: pagination returns too many pages when list is searched by tag.
6143 UI Bug Entities page can not be accessed with HTTP 500 error.
6139 forecast Bug ForecastsSettingsDao: wrong tags escaping.
6133 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: rule_window function must return ElContext object.
6132 export Bug Export Form: Cannot use single quotes in Entity Expression.
6130 api-rest Feature Properties Query: add merge setting.
6129 forecast Bug Forecast Settings: remove code which process the export from ATSD.
6123 sql Feature SQL: allow access to specific entity tags column by name in outer query.
6120 sql Bug SQL: outer query entity condition ignored.
6116 api-rest Bug Series Query: percentile not supported by forecast.
6114 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement forecast range limit.
6112 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement last timestamp filter.
6109 forecast Feature Forecast Settings: implement all forecast settings for each forecast algorithm.
6108 forecast Bug Forecast Settings: bad Holt-Winters forecast.
6106 export Bug Scheduled Export: field changes.
6091 api-network Bug Data Entry: cannot change Time Zone for entity.
6078 csv Bug CSV Wizard: valid header ignored.
6076 data-in Bug Message command on Data Entry page not stored.
6072 forecast Feature Forecast Settings: form layout.
6067 forecast Feature Forecast: add links to charts with produced ARIMA and Holt-Winters forecasts to the Forecast Settings page.
6062 csv Bug CSV Parser: optimize analysis to handle larger files.
6058 csv Bug CSV Parser: add validation to Stop Condition -> Stop on matching pattern.
6053 csv Bug CSV Parser Wizard: Encoding and Skip first Lines.
6037 forecast Bug Forecast SSA: unexpected errors.
6036 forecast Feature Forecast Settings: add support of default forecast settings for SSA forecasts.
6018 security Feature OAuth2 access tokens for restricted access to REST API.
6003 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA produces no forecast with *-sinfilar-value-threshold set to 0.
5975 csv Bug CSV Parser: row filter.
5969 forecast Feature Series Forecast Viewer.
5965 api-rest Feature Series Query: extend grouping transformation to group series based on correlation and constraints.
5958 csv Bug CSV Parser: model stage - entity field inconsistent.
5939 csv Bug CSV Parser: multiple fixes.
5687 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: optimize performance of events exiting window.


Issue Category Type Subject
6220 widget-settings Bug Validator errors and column name changes.
6214 time-chart Bug Time Chart: series-type is not applied.
6176 configuration Bug Alert Table: exception with multiline setting.
6162 widget-settings Bug Portal config: make group-statistic case insensitive.
6159 property Feature Property Table: provide a way to process data values as numbers.
6125 widget-settings Feature movavg with interval instead of count.
6103 widget-settings Bug [dropdown]: greedy settings parse.
5935 table Bug Series Table: format-headers ignored.
5829 widget-settings Bug var assignment fails if ending semi-colon is present.
5828 widget-settings Feature Add support for median_abs_dev.


Issue Category Type Subject
6167 mqtt Feature MQTT: implement job supporting MQTT brokers.