Monthly Change Log: August 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
4210 export Feature Export: simplified method to export and import series data.
4799 UI Bug UI: font alternatives.
5961 sql Feature SQL: output query results in REST API format for chart display.
5962 sql Feature SQL: non-parameterized INSERT.
5977 csv Bug CSV Parser: ignore numeric column options in entity column drop-down.
6074 UI Feature Export: result fields in HTML format.
6079 csv Feature CSV Parser: create filter for time columns.
6153 api-rest Feature Series Query: user-defined functions.
6217 rule editor Bug UI: form edit alert on Ctrl-C.
6248 export Bug Mismatch of default interval unit value on forecast jobs page and export pages.
6256 export Bug Forecast: incorrect data type on export form page.
6346 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: create new alert endpoint in ATSD UI.
6350 UI Feature SQL: DELETE statement.
6356 export Bug Export form: NaN value is shown as a special character.
6358 sql Feature SQL: expose replacement tables in SQL.
6397 UI Feature UI: add referencing rules.
6400 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: easy access to collections and replacement tables.
6424 csv Feature CSV Parser: detect ATSD export.csv schema.
6429 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: improve default chart generation performance for rules with multiple user variables with complex expressions.
6434 core Feature Versioning: enable versioning for rules, replacement tables, named collections.
6436 csv Bug CSV Parser: named tag columns in SQL queries.
6437 portal Feature UI: integrate monaco editor with Charts extensions.
6438 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: show Date Filter status on Rule Diagnosis page.
6443 message Feature Message stats: restore functionality.
6444 csv Bug CSV Parser: numeric comparison in Row Filter.
6445 sql Feature SQL: implement is_entity_in_group function.
6446 api-rest Bug REST API: property GET returns date in wrong format.
6447 entity_views Bug UI: entity view search not finding records.
6449 csv Bug CSV Parser: month extraction fails.
6450 rule engine Feature Replacement Table: key column name in CSV format.
6451 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: replacement table schema change causes rule error.
6454 client Feature Python API Client: implement properties url_query.
6457 UI Bug UI: long Entity Group list distorts the entity editor.
6459 entity_views Bug Entity Views: Default View cannot pass validation.
6462 message Feature Message Search: add Time Zone field.
6466 sql Feature SQL: random() function.
6468 core Feature Versioning for portals and entity views.
6469 sql Feature SQL: allow wildcard in outer query.
6471 UI Bug UI: broken links to portals, entity views, forecasts if id > 999.
6472 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: user variables with null values are converted to empty strings in notifications.
6473 csv Bug CSV Parser Wizard: illegal timestamp pattern generated if several timestamp columns exist and one of the timestamps is of optimized type.
6476 sql Feature SQL: trunc function.
6477 api-rest Bug Search entities by expression: entity cache is not used.
6478 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: incorrect rule link for rule_window function.
6479 sql Bug SQL: WITH TIMEZONE option not supported by DELETE.
6481 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: view group members.
6482 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: represent test results in time zone specified in Date Filter.
6483 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: slow validation of last_open function.
6484 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: web notification test fails if entity is a wildcard.
6485 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: apply filter to entity auto-complete on Test tab.
6486 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: db_statistics function to load all descriptive statistics for the interval.
6487 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: db_last function ignores current time in Test mode.
6489 portal Bug Portal Editor: include entity parameter in the view by name link.
6490 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: getPortalLink function.
6493 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: NullPointerException in rule Test mode if command value is NaN.
6495 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: now object is not initialized to current time in Test mode.
6496 entity Bug UI: Entity Group editor.
6498 entity Bug Entity Group: synchronization fails if one of the groups has an invalid expression.
6499 UI Feature UI: replacement table multi-line description and number formatting.
6500 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: calendar expression fails in Test mode.
6504 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: add variables hint on rule_window property access error.
6506 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: allow to run Test for multiple enumerated entities.
6508 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: preserve Test form fields on Save.
6513 UI Bug UI: cannot update Entity Group with expression that matches multiple (100k) entities.
6516 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: provide descriptive error on Test tab.
6517 sql Feature SQL: support additional types for CAST function.
6521 UI Bug Cloned replacement tables remain after renaming.
6522 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: context links not working.
6525 sql Feature SQL: CAST(inputString AS NUMBER) function.


Issue Category Type Subject
6373 data-loading Bug Portal: background updates are triggered for all widgets when dialog window is open.
6414 widget-settings Bug sql/endsql placeholder not properly handled.
6430 chart lab Feature ChartLab: data source drop-down.
6431 chart lab Bug ChartLab: hide editor frame in full mode.
6440 data-loading Bug Malformed response when data contains x field.
6458 table Bug Series Table: updates are stopped unexpectedly.
6461 visual design Feature Integrate Blueprint icons.
6474 chart lab Feature ChartLab: editor issues and formatting enhancements.
6475 widget-settings Feature Add support for expr block.
6497 property Bug Property Widget: sort by column not working.


Issue Category Type Subject
6455 mqtt Feature MQTT: broker configuration enhancements.