Monthly Change Log: February 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
5993 forecast Bug Forecast: add validation for forecast-ssa-decompose-singular-value-threshold.
5989 forecast Bug SSA: forecast fails on forecast-ssa-decompose-window-length.
5988 forecast Bug Forecast: full decomposition fails.
5985 csv Feature CSV Parser: add link to Search results on the Summary page.
5982 csv Bug CSV Parser: date interpreted as numeric column.
5981 csv Feature CSV Parser: add support for non-English dates.
5980 csv Bug CSV Parser: change priority of geo columns for Entity.
5978 csv Bug CSV Parser: ignore high cardinality tags containing intervals.
5973 csv Bug CSV Parser: enhance summary page layout and add SQL queries.
5972 csv Bug CSV Parser: implement function to extract hosts from ITM agent identifiers.
5968 entity Feature Tag Template editor: add link to view matching entities.
5966 csv Bug CSV Parser: TMZDIFF ignored in ITM files.
5964 csv Bug CSV Parser: fails to detect date format for dd-MMM-yy HH:mm:ss column in ITM files.
5960 csv Bug CSV Parser: failed to test entity from expression.
5959 csv Bug CSV Parser: footer shows N/A.
5957 csv Bug CSV Parser: column analysis for numeric column contains inconsistent N/A details.
5955 csv Bug CSV Parser: unexpected NULL patterns.
5953 core Bug Core: drop support for 3-letter time zone identifiers.
5952 csv Bug CSV Parser: add auto-completes to Model page expression fields.
5951 csv Bug CSV Parser: list of possible metric columns must include only numeric columns.
5950 csv Bug CSV Parser: ignore trivial names from entity column candidates.
5949 csv Bug CSV Parser: modify datetime format on Model page.
5938 csv Bug CSV Parser: Wrong date format on Parsing page leads to unrecoverable error on Modelling stage.
5937 sql Feature SQL: implement COVAR function to calculate covariance.
5936 core Feature Incoming webhook: add wizard links.
5934 csv Bug CSV Parser: column with only 'N' letter recognized as date.
5932 csv Bug CSV Parser: expand or collapse state lost after Apply on Model page.
5931 csv Bug CSV Parser: columnar layout not working.
5930 csv Bug CSV Parser: ignore columns with ordinal numbers (counters).
5928 csv Feature CSV Wizard: Insert data without saving the parser.
5927 csv Bug CSV Parser: ignore numeric latitude/longitude columns.
5926 csv Bug CSV Parser: no timestamp warning on missing date.
5924 csv Bug CSV Parser: re-classify numeric address columns.
5923 csv Bug CSV Parser: hide extraneous date columns.
5922 csv Bug CSV Parser: header and footer height needs to be dynamic.
5921 csv Bug CSV Parser: reduce ISO-8859 encoding variety.
5920 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: window fields in condition.
5916 data-in Bug Data Entry: series insertion with text commands does not reach the rule engine.
5912 csv Bug CSV Wizard: fails to parse file with more than 256 columns.
5904 csv Bug CSV Parser: entity field reverts to first option.
5903 csv Bug CSV Parser: column analysis displays incorrect details.
5902 csv Bug CSV Wizard: date parsing fails.
5899 api-rest Bug Smoothing setting: set default minimumCount to 1.
5898 api-rest Bug Series Query: transformation order validation.
5895 UI Bug Forecast Settings: Freemarker error on Show Meta.
5894 csv Bug CSV Wizard: file upload is hanging.
5893 api-rest Bug Series Query: forecast response document is malformed.
5892 api-rest Bug Series Query: group-interpolate must be optional in forecasting transformation.
5889 forecast Bug Forecast: series logging insufficient to reproduce the query.
5887 data-in Bug Data Entry: No error displayed instead of actual error.
5886 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: change logic of the forecast(name) function.
5885 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement additional smoothing functions - COUNT, SUM.
5884 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Test results misleading if Check on Exit is enabled.
5883 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: group columns in the results table.
5881 sql Feature SQL: implement WAVG and EMA window functions.
5880 core Feature Change values by the built-in timer metrics.
5879 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement forecast score function.
5878 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: add user variables to the Test results table.
5877 data-in Feature Data Entry: implement randomNormal freemarker function.
5876 api-rest Bug Series Query: transformation order validation error if aggregate:detail is present.
5875 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA forecast fails for static series (constant value).
5874 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement ema() function.
5873 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA grouping error when eigenvector count is insufficient.
5868 forecast Feature Forecast: implement SSA algorithm in Java.
5867 sql Feature SQL: window for row_number condition.
5861 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA calculation error.
5860 forecast Feature Java SSA: add the scoringLength setting.
5849 forecast Feature Java SSA: implement forecast scoring and singular value threshold setting.
5846 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA clustering returns too many groups.
5841 rule engine Bug Perform Web Driver processes cleanup at start time and once an hour.
5839 forecast Support Forecast: SSA decomposition.
5837 csv Bug CSV Wizard: parse failures.
5832 core Feature Core: introduce named patterns for timestamp formatting and parsing.
5788 forecast Feature Implement SSA forecasting method in Java.
5780 forecast Feature Series Query: standardize dynamic forecast setting names.
5740 csv Feature CSV Parser: Implement heuristics to map CSV columns to Entity and Metric fields.
5714 csv Feature CSV Parser: Add support for series text annotations.
5606 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement mod() function.
4974 UI Bug UI: Single and multiple selects might not work with elements containing HTML entities.


Issue Category Type Subject
5970 vscode Feature VSCode plugin: add forecasting settings.
5890 forecast Feature Tooltip: add metadata about joined groups for SSA forecast.
5888 widget-settings Bug group-statistic: fix DELTA aggregation.
5872 core Bug Error processing: extract error message from responseText.
5871 widget-settings Bug Widget settings: INTERPOLATE is not sent to server for stdev.
5870 widget-settings Feature Widget settings: add support for forecast-ssa-auto setting.
5831 widget-settings Bug Treemap and Calendar: force black color on light background independent of theme.


Issue Category Type Subject
5992 core Bug Job Execution: running job without storage driver causes NPE.
5948 UI Bug UI: JSP error if Job cannot be imported.
5943 docker Bug Docker: log information about container properties collection time.
5908 core Bug Reduce logging of INFO steps.
5907 docker Bug Docker: property remover fails on 204.