Monthly Change Log: January 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
5866 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement median_abs_dev() function.
5864 forecast Bug Rule Engine: validate forecast function arguments.
5862 forecast Bug Forecast: scheduled task error.
5856 forecast Bug Forecast: scheduled PCA task error.
5854 portal Bug Portal: HTML report error with percentile statistics.
5852 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement is_exceptionday function.
5850 forecast Bug Forecast: HW fails on series with 1 day selection interval.
5847 csv Bug CSV: parser fails to ignore first empty lines.
5843 api-rest Bug API: Fix NPE in version query.
5840 csv Bug CSV file upload: high CPU load and low throughput.
5838 core Bug Core: classify atsd_forecast as a data table.
5835 sql Bug SQL: slow atsd_entity query if number of entities is large.
5834 UI Feature UI: update Freemarker dependency.
5833 UI Bug SQL Console: client formatting ignores DST offset changes.
5813 sql Bug SQL: LAG does not accept column aliases.
5790 data-in Bug Data Entry: future dates inserted with delay.
5773 csv Bug CSV: possible memory leak if CSV upload is massively used.
5519 core Bug Core: refactor scheduled tasks.
4418 sql Feature SQL: wildcard for entity and metric fields.


Issue Category Type Subject
5865 time-chart Bug Smooth series not displayed if multiple-series = true.
5859 widget-settings Bug Wrong forecast-score-interval setting conversion to series query field.
5853 forecast Bug Series legend incorrect for multiple forecast series.
5848 widget-settings Feature Widget settings: add support for filter setting.
5842 widget-settings Feature Widget settings: transformation-order setting.