Monthly Change Log: July 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
5086 sql Feature SQL: endtime calculations to align with CALENDAR.
5779 csv Feature CSV Parser Wizard: implement Series parser.
5901 api-rest Bug CSV Parser: model issues.
6156 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: window variables are not accessible for property window.
6226 forecast Bug Forecast: linear values present in SSA forecast.
6265 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: default portal does not generate additional series graphs if db_last function contains dynamic property.
6282 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: support Markdown in Emails.
6285 message Feature UI: add button to generate console widget from Search page.
6303 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: prevent log storm in err.log.
6312 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: warning is not shown when creating a new rule with webhook that contains unknown placeholder.
6319 api-network Bug TCP: no response from debug command if tag values contain line separator.
6326 UI Feature UI: show groups for entity in Entity Editor.
6336 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: implement time hash function to block competing actions.
6337 UI Feature Replacement Table: implement CSV format.
6342 data-in Bug Data Entry: versioned value inserted twice.
6345 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: cannot use autocomplete and syntax is not highlighted if form contains errors.
6349 sql Bug SQL: calendar expressions in INSERT and UPDATE statements.
6350 UI Feature SQL: implement DELETE statements.
6352 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: force windows initialization for count() rules.
6355 export Bug Export: incorrect display of versioning data.
6360 sql Bug SQL: incorrect IN condition processing in WHERE clause.
6361 sql Bug SQL: extract precision from round functions.
6362 sql Bug SQL: cancel does not stop a long-running query.
6364 message Bug Message Search: incorrect results for keywords.
6365 sql Bug SQL: slow query performance with JOIN.
6366 sql Bug SQL: date condition errors.
6367 sql Feature SQL: workday and weekday functions.
6369 sql Bug SQL Console: number is not highlighted, if it comes after division sign /.
6372 entity_views Feature Entity Views: support math functions from Rule Engine in Entity View expressions.
6374 sql Feature SQL: allow string expressions in date functions.
6378 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: fix min and max functions validation with constant arguments.
6381 sql Bug SQL: NullPointerException with ROW_NUMBER.
6382 sql Feature SQL: support multiple WITH clauses.
6383 sql Bug SQL: NullPointerException with LOOKUP function.
6384 UI Bug Metrics: create page does not work.
6385 message Feature Message Search: add context links.
6386 UI Bug SQL Console: open statistics link in new tab to avoid unsaved changes alert.
6388 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: erroneous on-change alert.
6390 sql Bug SQL: slow query performance with JOIN - date condition not passed to filter.
6392 metric Feature Message Search history suggest.
6396 sql Bug SQL: console is not showing results for queries that run more than 2 minutes.
6398 sql Bug SQL: define tags columns ordering.
6400 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: easy access to collections and replacement tables.
6401 rule engine Bug Rule Editor: unexpected Time Open and Time Cancel in Test results.
6404 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: continue cell validation after first error.
6408 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: incorrect alert.
6412 UI Bug UI: topic table broken.
6415 sql Feature SQL: allow first_value and last_value functions to get first and last row in the partition.
6416 sql Bug SQL: min and max datetime with period show incorrect value.
6418 sql Feature SQL: workday function behavior when increment is 0.
6419 csv Bug CSV Parser: process request parameters in the series parser.
6421 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: rule remains in REPEAT status despite being deactivated by date filter.
6422 sql Bug SQL: columns not accessible in queries to atsd_entity.
6423 sql Feature SQL: function to count the number of working days between two input dates.
6425 csv Feature CSV Parser: add custom tags with static value.
6427 UI Bug CSV Parser Wizard: wrong error message.


Issue Category Type Subject
5869 forecast Bug Forecast: style must be applied to forecasts with any mode, not only column or column-stack.
6231 chart lab Feature ChartLab Upgrade: migrate to Monaco editor.
6269 core Bug Charts: NMON Portal is not loaded.
6393 widget-settings Bug label-format is not applied to derived series.
6406 chart lab Bug ChartLab: post-upgrade issues.
6411 chart lab Feature ChartLab: enhancements.


Issue Category Type Subject
6347 kafka Bug Kafka Job: NullPointerException on using non-existing JSON field for time in JSON mode.
6371 json Bug JSON Job: cyrillic symbols presented as question marks if JVM locale is not UTF-8.
6377 file Bug File Job: NullPointerException on attempt to clone configuration.
6413 json Bug JSON Job: NullPointerException on attempt to launch Viewer for unsaved configuration.
6428 UI Bug UI: font is downloaded instead of redirect in incognito mode.