Monthly Change Log: June 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
5965 api-rest Feature Series Query: extend grouping transformation to place series into groups based on statistics.
6059 csv Bug CSV Upload: file containing too many unique series causes last_insert table locking and OutOfMemory error.
6062 csv Bug CSV Parser: optimize content analysis to handle large files.
6068 forecast Feature Forecast Settings: store scheduled forecast series under a separate metric.
6076 data-in Bug Message command, inserted on Data Entry page not stored.
6112 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement last timestamp filter.
6154 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: merge property rows on incremental updates.
6170 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: function enhancements.
6171 api-rest Feature Series Query: implement autoAggregate option for forecasts.
6181 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: minimize action execution delay.
6226 forecast Bug Forecast: remove linear values present in SSA forecast.
6230 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: retain windows on minor change.
6233 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: sendTcpMessageReply function to send text commands to remote server/port via TCP.
6234 api-network Bug Network API: property command with empty tags is not recognized as malformed.
6241 UI Feature Entity search page: support wildcards.
6245 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Log to Alert History setting is not serialized in XML.
6250 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement date filter.
6251 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add support for expressions in Email recipients field.
6252 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add timeOfDay field to DateTime object.
6257 rule engine Feature Users: implement Topics self-service subscriptions.
6259 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: validate Delay setting on the client.
6260 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: validation error is not highlighted.
6262 forecast Bug Forecast Settings: start and end interval settings are not applied.
6264 UI Bug Data Entry: tooltip placement is incorrect.
6267 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: support the db_baseline function in default portal.
6271 sql Bug Scheduled SQL: encoding issue.
6281 rule editor Feature Rule Engine: enforce command processing order for dependent rules.
6282 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: support markdown syntax in emails messages.
6284 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: reset Rule Error status after successful alert action.
6286 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add timeout setting for custom webhooks.
6287 core Bug UI: Series Statistics page not accessible if tag contains special characters such as forward slash.
6289 UI Bug UI: type=number fields do not display values with separator.
6290 export Bug Export: incorrect export form serialization if tag value contains wildcard or backslash character.
6291 security Bug Server Properties: out-of-range property value breaks validation of other properties.
6293 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: infinite Email notification loop in Testing mode.
6294 api-rest Bug Series Query: sampleFilter does not support BETWEEN operator.
6295 UI Feature UI: SQL statement from Series Statistics page.
6296 api-rest Feature Series Query: support functions in sample filter.
6298 rule engine Bug Rule import from XML fails.
6300 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: testing errors are propagated to open windows.
6302 message Feature UI: Message Search form - add counters to the type drop-down.
6304 message Bug Message Receive Statistics: message counted twice if it is inserted with Data Entry form.
6308 core Bug Core: ATSD does not start if no network interfaces are present.
6310 UI Feature Security: implement user creation wizard for Integration user.
6313 administrator Bug Server Properties: apply default value if empty value is set.
6318 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: retry web hook delivery on UnknownHostException.
6319 api-network Bug TCP: no response from debug command on tag values with line separator.
6320 core Bug Replace SSL library to handle more SSL connections.
6321 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: webhook settings are not saved for rules with opened windows.
6322 administrator Feature REST API: denial-of-service and client monitor.
6323 message Bug Messages: wrong tag column order.
6325 rule engine Bug Rule Search: search for substring in rule names.
6329 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: cryptic validation error.
6330 UI Bug UI: Rule Editor - enhance the display of dependent rules.
6333 security Bug LDAP: connection error in Oracle JDK 8.
6334 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: add timeout on Rule Filter execution.
6335 UI Bug UI: vertical alignment broken in top menu.


Issue Category Type Subject
5826 widget-settings Feature Label format: add support for alias placeholder.
5882 calculation Bug fill-value: allow to specify interpolation type.
6148 table Bug Table widgets: aggregation in client even if server-aggregate=true.
6180 table Bug Table widgets: format is not applied to string cells.
6254 widget-settings Bug Date filter error message is not descriptive.
6279 widget-settings Bug Label format does not replace detail statistics.
6297 console Bug Console: onclick not filtering.
6332 console Bug Console: severity code padding is miscalculated.
6341 table Bug Table: accept comma separated keys in columns setting.


Issue Category Type Subject
6328 jdbc Feature JDBC: Schemas Viewer.