Monthly Change Log: March 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
6122 sql Bug SQL: NPE in WHERE clause containing unknown columns or inline views.
6111 metric Bug Metric auto-complete: NullPointerException.
6104 csv Bug CSV Parser: schema-based parser NPE on initialization.
6101 UI Bug Forecasting calendar cannot be created.
6100 license Feature Include forecast module in the initial standard edition license.
6098 security Feature Forecast: check license on the series forecasts page.
6092 forecast Bug Forecast: add missing fields on clone.
6089 csv Feature CSV Wizard: add links to Data > Export form.
6088 export Feature Export form: add link to create a scheduled export job. Refactor export links.
6084 csv Bug CSV Parser: reduce severity from ERROR to WARN for user errors.
6082 security Feature Security: add API endpoint to perform SSL certificate replacement.
6077 api-rest Bug Forecast: Wrong group index in SSA forecast.
6075 export Bug Export form: broken fields.
6073 metric Feature Metric Editor: add section/links to forecast settings.
6071 forecast Bug Forecast: Viewer shows incorrect group name.
6069 csv Feature CSV Parser: Add details to the upload progress bar.
6068 forecast Feature Forecast settings: Store forecast series under a new metric.
6065 export Bug Export: incorrect row count in CSV Parser when exporting data with metadata.
6060 csv Bug CSV Parser: highlight non-standard Header setting.
6056 csv Bug CSV Parser Wizard: descriptions do not fit on the Parse page.
6055 csv Bug CSV Parser Wizard: 500 error on "Line Delimiter" and "Skip First Lines".
6053 csv Bug CSV Parser Wizard: 500 error on "Encoding" and "Skip First Lines".
6050 forecast Bug SSA: Handle large group count gracefully.
6044 security Bug Security: API_META_WRITE role required to access /api/v1/series/ endpoint.
6042 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA - score interval is too long.
6034 forecast Bug Forecast: NPE when score interval is not specified.
6030 UI Bug UI: Adjust SQL query dates on Series Statistics page.
6027 csv Feature CSV Parser: Improve the summary page layout.
6026 UI Bug UI: Series Statistics page - adjust dates.
6023 license Bug License Server: NullPointerException.
6022 UI Bug UI: Histogram tabs broken on Series Statistics page.
6021 core Bug Series tag full scans.
6019 UI Bug UI: Entity page numbers not displayed if entity count is small.
6018 security Feature Security: OAuth2 access tokens for restricted access to REST API.
6017 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
6016 core Feature Coprocessors: Make coprocessor compatible with HDP HBase version.
6014 client Feature Increase required Python version to 3.5.x in ATSD Python client.
6012 security Bug UI: Error code when creating user account during installation.
6010 forecast Bug Forecast: SSA too many values error message.
6009 core Feature Core: Split atsd_tag table into tags_tag_series and atsd_tag_message.
6008 core Bug Logging: Log failed commands in case of persistence issues.
6007 api-rest Bug Series Query: Percentiles are no longer supported by group transformation.
6004 csv Feature CSV Parser: Summary page enhancements.
6002 api-rest Bug Series Query: forecast placement affected by included series.
6001 csv Bug CSV Parser: Bad period for forecast link.
6000 forecast Feature forecast: Add score interval duration to response metadata.
5999 csv Bug CSV Parser: Date range must be in standard database format (not source).
5998 data-in Bug Series Query: Group NPE.
5997 csv Feature CSV Wizard: Highlight filtered rows.
5996 api-rest Feature API: Support of alphabet-based numbers in forecast-ssa-group-auto-union setting.
5987 forecast Bug Forecast: ARIMA NPE with auto-regression-interval.
5984 UI Bug UI: Right align numeric tags on the entity/metric list.
5983 csv Bug CSV Parser: add line breaks in model column header to conserve space.
5971 csv Bug CSV Parser: Column with multiple dots incorrectly classified as numeric.
5965 api-rest Feature Series Query: Extend grouping transformation to group series based on correlation and constraints.
5962 sql Feature SQL: Support for non-parameterized INSERT statements.
5954 csv Feature CSV Parser: calculate range of dates at Parse stage.
5947 client Bug Python client installation.
5845 Feature Series Query: implement grouping of forecast / reconstructed series.
5803 api-rest Feature Series Query: refactor percentile type.


Issue Category Type Subject
6099 time-chart Bug Label-format: legend is not rendered for detail series.
6029 text Feature Text Widget: implement tooltips.
6015 forecast Bug Forecast: numeric overflow in forecast metadata.
6006 widget-settings Feature Implement coalesce function.
5995 widget-settings Bug Percentile error if server-aggregate = true.
5842 widget-settings Feature Widget settings: transformation-order setting.


Issue Category Type Subject
5909 docker Bug Docker: job freezing.