Monthly Change Log: May 2019


Issue Category Type Subject
6280 core Bug Database startup failed.
6277 security Bug Audit log: log deleted series key in human-readable format.
6274 UI Bug Users: cannot edit user group with members.
6273 administrator Bug User Group: unable to delete group.
6272 administrator Bug User Group: add warning when creating a group with duplicate name.
6271 sql Bug Scheduled SQL Queries: non-ASCII encoding issue with published SQL reports.
6266 administrator Feature Security: log an audit event when the record is created or deleted.
6263 core Bug Duplicate commands are sent to the target ATSD by the replicator.
6260 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: error is not highlighted.
6259 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: validate delay settings.
6253 core Feature Log series deletion.
6252 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add timeOfDay field to DateTime object.
6251 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add support for orb tags and expression context to Email recipients input.
6249 entity Feature UI: add option to create new entity with pre-selected entity tags from template.
6247 UI Bug UI: CSV Wizard: fix column width calculation.
6246 export Bug Export: tag is lost if form is opened from new forecast job.
6245 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Log to Alert History setting is missing in exported XML files.
6244 data-in Feature Property command: empty tag value must delete stored tag.
6243 portal Feature UI: add metric viewer links to Entity and Metric editors.
6242 UI Bug Entity editor: all time zones are highlighted as red.
6240 forecast Bug Forecast editor: validate incorrectly set tags.
6239 forecast Bug Incorrect table name displayed in forecast settings.
6235 rule engine Bug sendTcpMessageReply cannot read the response.
6234 api-network Bug Network API: property command with empty tags is not recognized as malformed.
6233 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: sendTcpMessageReply function to send text to a remote server via TCP and read the response.
6224 api-rest Bug Mismatch between requested forecast series and series query response.
6223 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Load History tag filtering works incorrectly.
6216 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement sendTcpMessage function to send string to remote server/port via TCP.
6211 email Bug Mail client: HTTP 500 error when trying to save configuration.
6198 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: formatter output on NaN and invalid dates.
6193 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: implement function to cancel a pending action.
6190 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: rule_window variable data types are passed to the dependent window.
6095 sql Bug SQL: series tag filter ignores dots.
6089 csv Feature CSV Wizard: add links to Export form.
6051 forecast Feature Forecast Jobs: add group-action to run selected forecasts.
5974 csv Feature CSV Wizard: highlight columns with numeric constants.


Issue Category Type Subject
6261 widget-settings Feature Render SQL query results as series.
6232 widget-settings Bug Numeric format applied to tag column.
6177 widget-settings Bug Portal Configuration: tag-expression incorrectly applies to [series].


Issue Category Type Subject
6238 kafka Bug Kafka job: add support for JSON fields at nested levels.
5940 jdbc Feature JDBC job: highlight duplicates in commands.