Cross Filter


Cross Filter is open source. Access the code on GitHub.

Cross Filter is built with Go using the ATSD GO Client. Cross Filter displays performance statistics for a set of entities selected based on entity groups, metrics, and tags.


  • Cross Filter charts support interactive filtering for displayed series.
  • The dataset (table) is selected and loaded into the client in CSV format
  • Filter a particular subset by clicking a tag which displays only entities which contain the selected tag.
  • The application consists of two parts: Charts and Tables.
    • Charts display the distribution of last values.
    • Tables display the last value for a pre-defined interval.
  • Tables are described in the application configuration which consists of several components:
    • List of entity tags which are displayed as columns.
    • List of metrics and their API queries which are displayed as columns.
      • API queries contain user-defined intervals from which the last value is retrieved and displayed in the tables and charts.
  • Dataset update interval is also defined in the configuration.
  • Metric Filters charts display the distribution of last insert values for each entity on a histogram. Each histogram displays one of the metrics contained in the table.
  • Each widget acts as a filter for both the table and other widgets. Selecting a tag in Tag Filters charts filters the table and other widgets to display only entities containing the selected tag.
  • Further filter entities by selecting specific entity groups, displaying only the entities contained in the group as long as it satisfies other currently active filters.