Data Slider


Data Slider is open source. Access the code on GitHub.

Data Slider is built with node.js using the ATSD node.js API Client. The application is used to interactively display data similar to a PowerPoint presentation.

Data Slider demo presents energy-related data from the public data source

This application describes the success of Danish renewable energy efforts with data.


  • Data is continuously updated.
  • Build presentations for any previous year or the current calendar year.
  • Employ over a dozen analytical widgets for diverse data presentation.
  • No coding required: Build presentations from simple configuration files with macro support for enhanced productivity.
  • When creating slides that visualize consecutive periods of time use a template configuration to create iterated configurations for each sequential slide.
  • Query results from ATSD are cached on the server to increase application speed.
  • Slide configurations are organized in folders and ordered using a table of contents file which determines the order they are displayed.