Uploading CSV Files

CSV File Upload

wget --header="Content-type: text/csv" --post-file=file.csv 'http://atsd_hostname:port/csv?config=${config_name}'


The CSV parser accepts single CSV files, as well as archives containing multiple CSV files for bulk import. Supported archive formats include .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, and .tar.bz2.

Parsing of CSV files occurs asynchronously in the background. The status of each upload task can be controlled on the Data > CSV Parsers > CSV Tasks page.

Request Parameters

Name Default Description Example
config [Required] CSV parser configuration name from the Data > CSV Parsers page. ?config=KLZCPU
encoding UTF8 File encoding. ?encoding=UTF8
rules true Send metrics into the rule engine. ?rules=false
wait true Enable synchronous processing. Wait until file is parsed to process errors, if any. ?wait=false
test false Parse and validate data without inserting metrics or processing them in the rule engine. test=true triggers wait=true and rules=false. ?test=true
time Timestamp applied to records contained in the file.
Parameter value must be URL-encoded.
time format – yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss’Z’
If the time parameter is specified in the URL but is empty, the time is assumed to be current time.
metric-prefix Overwrites metric prefix in parser configuration. ?metric-prefix=nmon.
default-entity Overwrites default entity in parser configuration. ?entity-prefix=oracle.
timezone Overwrites default time zone in parser configuration. ?timezone=UTC