Name Job Type Description
ActiveMQ JMX Collect metrics about brokers, queues, pub/sub topics
Derby Database JMX Collect uptime metrics for the database
File File Download CSV files
HP OpenView OVPM Offload CODA metrics from OVPM
Jetty JMX Collect sessions, requests, status from the Jetty server
JSON JSON Download JSON file and convert the file to CSV format
JVM JMX Collect key JVM performance metrics
MySQL JDBC Collect database performance metrics
nginx File Collect key web server metrics for nginx
nginx-plus File Collect extended web server metrics for nginx-plus
Oracle EM JDBC Offload incremental database and application metrics collected by Oracle EM
PI PI Copy incremental tag values from PI Data Archive
PostgreSQL JDBC Collect database performance metrics
SCOM JDBC Offload incremental server metrics collected by SCOM
Socrata Socrata Download and parse datasets published in Socrata format
SolarWinds JDBC Offload incremental network and server metrics collected by SolarWinds
Tomcat JMX Collect key container metrics exposed by Tomcat
VMware JDBC Offload incremental cluster, host, VM metrics collected by VMware vCenter