Axibase Signs with Its First Customer of Over 1 Million Employees

June 12, 2014

Today the Axibase Corporation announced a licensing agreement with JSC “Russian Railoads” (RZD) for an enterprise-scale unified reporting and service visualization solution . The solution, code-named “Situation Center”, spans multiple data centers and is deployed at the RZD main computing center in Moscow, Russia in order to provide a single pane-of-glass visibility into RZD’s mission-critical applications.

“Successful integrations at companies of this scale are only possible if product capabilities, customer focus, and execution are all leveraged to the full extent.” – said Sergei Rodionov, President and CEO of Axibase. “We competed head-on with global companies and niche players for 3 years, and we’re excited to win this award and to grow our partnership with RZD in the future”.

JSC “Russian Railways” is one of the largest transportation companies in the world and is one of the largest enterprises in Russia.

Key facts about Russian Railways:

  • The second largest network in the world with 85,200 km of track – 43,100 km of which are electrified
  • Carries over 0.95 billion passengers and 1.2 billion tonnes of freight annually across 11 time zones
  • Responsible for 42.3% of Russia’s total freight traffic (including pipelines) and more than 32.7% of passenger traffic
  • Employs over 976,116 people

More information about RZD is available at