Axibase Sponsors the InfoTrans Transportation and Logistics Conference

October 7, 2014

The Axibase Corporation joined leading enterprise technology companies such as IBM, Oracle, HP, Microsoft, and SAS in sponsoring the XIX annual InfoTrans conference held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Chartered by Russian Railways, InfoTrans is an annual conference that brings engineers, software developers, and transportation experts together for a series of informed and insightful debates on logistics, ITSM, business intelligence, and more. More information about InfoTrans is available at

“The bounderies between IT and operational infrastructres are rapidly disappearing. The amount of machine data is growing exponentially and so is our capability to collect, analyze, and act on this information. We’re proud to be at InfoTrans this year and are excited to present our products in front of leading logistics experts.” – said Sergei Rodionov, President and CEO of Axibase. “Our experience in managing big data in IT is quite relevant for IoT transformation projects that our customers are undertaking as we speak”.

Axibase products highlighted at the event included the Axibase Time-Series Database (ATSD) and Axibase Fabrica. One of the key attractions was a man-vs-machine competition organized by Axibase where InfoTrans experts were competing against ATSD while trying to predict actual key performance metrics several days ahead of time. The competition was won by an expert (who happended to have a PHD in logistics), but the ATSD forecast was also within the confidence interval.