AER for SAP HANA Overview

Axibase Enterprise Reporter for SAP HANA enables you to gain in-depth visibility into how the SAP HANA database operates and optimize its performance, from testing and QA to production. The product provides built-in reporting workspaces covering key database components and services as well as powerful ad-hoc reporting capabilities for performance diagnostics and capacity planning.

It complements SAP® Solution Manager by automatically building service topologies as well as delivering granular resource usage metering for chargeback in multi-tenant installations.

Live service topology in scale-out configurations:



Key Features

  • Easy-to-use web interface without Java, Flash, or desktop clients

  • Pre-defined reporting workspaces for the SAP HANA database

  • Multi-stage ETL to translate raw database metrics into meaningful statistics

  • LDAP integration for quick roll-out to end-users: DBAs, developers, QA teams, and business analysts

  • Ability to create and export ad-hoc reports using a query-by-example Designer

  • Usage metering and chargeback reporting

  • Ability to distribute chargeback reports to email subscribers and to store them on a disk