Cross Filter

View live Cross Filter application demo!

The Cross Filter application was built with GO using the ATSD GO client. It displays performance statistics for a set of entities that are selected based on their entity groups, metrics and tags.

  • The charts allow interactive filtration of the displayed series. First the dataset (table) is selected, it is fully loaded into the client (in CSV format), after which you can use the widgets to filter it down to particular subsets. For example, clicking on a tag filters out the charts to display only entities that contain this tag.
  • The application consists of two parts: charts and the tables. Charts display the distribution of last values and tables display the last value for a pre-defined interval.
  • The tables, also called the “Dataset”, are described in the application’s configuration. The configuration consists of: a list of entity tags (which will be displayed as columns in the tables), a list of metrics and their API queries (which will be displayed as columns in the tables). The API queries contain user-defined intervals from which the last value is retrieved and displayed in the tables and charts.
  • The configuration is created per table.
  • Dataset update interval is also defined in the configuration.
  • The “metric filters” charts display the distribution of last values for each entity on a histogram. Each histogram displays one of the metrics contained in the table.
  • Each widget in-itself is a filter for the table and other widgets. Selecting a tag in the “Tag filters” charts will filter out the table and other widgets to display only the entities containing the selected tag.
  • You can further filter out the entities by selecting Entity Groups, displaying only the entities contained in the group as long as it satisfies the other currently selected filters.