Data Slider

View live Data Slider application demo!

The Data Slider application was built with Node.js using the ATSD Node.js API Client. It is used to display a dataset in an interactive way, similar to a PowerPoint presentation.

The Data Slider application is presenting energy-related data from a public data source –

This application is telling the country’s renewable energy success story with data.

  • Data is continuously updated. Such presentations can be easily built for any prior year or for the current calendar year.
  • 10+ analytical widgets can be easily added to slice and dice the information from various angles.
  • No coding is required – presentations are built from simple configuration files with macro support for high productivity.
  • When creating slides that visualize weeks, years or months, a template configuration file is created and then iterated. This approach removes the necessity of creating separate configuration for each individual slide.
  • Query results from ATSD are cached on the server to increase the application’s speed.
  • Slide configurations are organized in folders, they are ordered using a table of contents file that determines in what order they are displayed.