Performance Viewer

View live Performance Viewer application demo!

Usernames: user1, user2, user3

Password: demo

The Performance Viewer was built with PHP using the ATSD PHP client. It displays performance statistics, host machine and VM properties and configurations.

Available Reports

  • The application consists of three pages: Performance, Properties and Configuration
  • When loading each page, the application looks at the available metrics for the selected entity and displays only the categories and charts that the entity has metrics for.
  • Performance page contains the following categories: Operating System (common metrics for windows and linux), Windows, Linux, collectd, VMware VM and scollector.
  • New categories can be easily added by placing widgets configuration files on the file system.
  • Properties page shows all the available properties for the entity.
  • Configuration page shows all the entity tags for the entity.

Access Controls

  • The users are assigned Entity Groups in user-group.ini configuration file.
  • Each user is limited to viewing only the entities in his assigned Entity Group.
  • Entities available to the user are found on the left sidebar menu.
  • Request for other entities will be blocked.


  • The list of users authorized to access this application is configured in Apache .htpasswd file using htdigest utility.
  • Requests for time series data generated by embedded widgets are sent to API Proxy (ApiProxy.php).
  • API PHP proxy serves as a façade and performs validation that the entities specified in series data request belong to the list of entities that the user is authorized to view.
  • API PHP proxy acts as a client and transmits series request to ATSD database on behalf of the user. Response from ATSD is returned to the browser via the same API proxy eliminating direct communication between users and ATSD.