Chart Lab

Chart Lab is a online sandbox tool where you can test drive the Axibase Time Series Database visualization capabilities.

It doesn’t require any registration and allows you to experiment with different layouts and widget settings prior to deploying it on your own ATSD instance.

Chartlab supports two data sources:

  1. Random data generator.
  2. Actual Axibase Time Series Database instance with real, continuously updated data.

Chart Lab

Chart Lab provides widget examples that can be added with the “+ Widget” button. The examples refer to entities and metrics actually present in the ATSD data source, meaning that all created portals will be continuously updated with new data. The default update interval is 60 seconds.

Chart Lab menu settings include:

  • Editor – toggle configuration editor
  • Run – apply and view a portal based on current configuration
  • Save – save current configuration under a new revision in the current directory
  • Clone – save current configuration in a new directory
  • Widget – append a sample widget to the current configuration
  • Source – switch between data sources: random and ATSD

Once saved, the configuration is immutable, and it cannot be modified. You can share your saved configuration with others by copying the link in the address bar.

Chart Lab Examples

Composite Portal: View

Time Chart: View

Bar Chart: View

Pie Chart: View