Embedded Widgets

All ATSD visualization widgets can be embedded into any intranet portal or webpage.

This feature is available only in ATSD Enterprise Edition.

ATSD Widgets can also be embedded into applications. Learn more about applications built for the Axibase Time Series Database.

View live portal example with embedded widgets!

  • Widgets are defined in JSON format.
  • All documented widget settings are supported.
  • Widgets retain their interactive features, except the dialog window popup. For example, changing time-spans, intervals, aggregations, and modes is supported.

Example Configuration:

widgetConfigs.chart = [{
	initSize: { width: 600, height: 200 },
	timespan: '10 minute',
	displaypanels: 'false',
	series: [{
		label: 'PageViews',
		entity: 'nurswgvml007',
		metric: 'cpu_busy'