Alert Console widget displays a continuously updated list of currently open alerts or a list of messages recorded by the database in a tabular format.

The rows are color-coded based on severity of the underlying alert/message.

To display open alerts, set source=alert (default); to display messages, set source=message.

Severity Style - Row

alert console 2

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Severity Style - Column

alert console 1

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The list of default column varies depending on the source.

Default message columns:

  • Severity
  • Time
  • Entity
  • Type
  • Source
  • Tags
  • Message

Default alert columns:

  • Severity
  • Open
  • Changed
  • Count (Repeat Count)
  • Entity
  • Rule
  • Metric
  • Tags
  • Text
[widget] Settings

Inherited settings from Generic Widget: type, title, tooltip, left-units, top-units, width-units, height-units, timespan, path, url.

Inherited settings from Generic Table: replace-underscore, capitalize, display-tags, short-tag-names, sort, column-{key}, columns, class, transpose.

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
sourcesource = alertSpecifies the source of the records: alert or message. Default: alert
rulerule = cpu_busy_prodName of the rule for which alerts will be filtered.View
entityentity = nurswgvml007The host or service for the widget.
Multiple can be used,
i.e. entity = host 1; entity = host 2; entity = service 1
metricmetric = loadavg.5mAll other metrics will be filtered out for the widget.
Multiple can be used.
i.e. metric = 1; metric = 2; metric = 3
severityseverity = 6Minimum severity of alerts displayed in the console.
Possible values: from 0 (undefined, all) to 7 (fatal). Default: 0.
- Undefined = 0
- Unknown = 1
- Normal = 2
- Warning = 3
- Minor = 4
- Critical = 6
- Fatal = 7
severity-styleseverity-style = rowControls whether the whole row is highlighted based on severity color,
or if just a single severity column is highlighted.
Possible settings – row, column
onclickonclick = filter()Can set the interaction when the widget or one of the columns is clicked.
i.e. onlick = filter() can filter the table based on the clicked values of a specific column.
row-stylerow-style = if (value <= 7) return 'display: none'Style assigned to the entire row; can be specified as JavaScript code.
A good example is: row-style = if (value <= 6) return 'display: none'. In this example all alerts with severity below 6 will be hidden.
This is a good tool to filter the data prior to its display in the widget.
sortsort = metric descCan sort the table based on a column or several columns.
i.e. sort = metric, value desc.
The first line will be sorted in alphabetical order by the name of the metric and then a string with the same name as the metric will be sorted according to value in descending order.
classclass = terminalPossible setting: terminal.
Changes the widget to UNIX console style with the background set to black.
Configuration Example

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  type = console
  #source alerts retrieves alerts from /api/v1/alerts/query
  source = alert
  type = console
  #source message retrieves alerts from /api/v1/messages/query
  source = message
  entity = nurswgvml007
  timespan = 1 hour