Audio Alerts

When an alert-expression evaluates to true, an audio file can be played in your browser.

You can either set the full url path to the audio file, or store the  audio file locally on your ATSD installation.

Store your audio files in the /opt/atsd/atsd/conf/portal directory on your ATSD installation.

The following path to the audio files stored on the ATSD filesystem must be set in the audio-alert setting: /portal/resource/alarm.ogg

NOTE: files located in the specified directory must always be referenced with the addition of /resource/ before the audio file name.

Audio is played only on alert-expression change, such as false->true or true->false.

Different audio tracks can be played based on expression, e.g. one track on alert-ON, another track on alert OFF.

Supported formats: mp3, ogg, wav

NOTE: Internet Explorer 11 doesn’t support ogg format.

Audio alerts can be used in any widget that supports alert-expressions.

View live audio alert example in ChartLab.

Download MP3 Audio Alert Files:

You can download the following MP3 files and place them into the /opt/atsd/atsd/conf/portal directory to use as audio alerts:

Browser Compatability

Internet ExplorerYesNoNo

Widget Settings

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
audio-onloadaudio-onloadThe audio alert is played on the initial widget load if the audio-alert expression returns path to audio file and audio-onload is set to true.
Default values: false

Series Settings

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
audio-alertaudio-alert = (alert > 0.5) ? '/portal/resource/alarm.ogg' : '/portal/resource/klaxon.ogg'Plays an audio file when alert-expression evaluates to true.
Audio is played only on alert-expression change, false->true or true->false.