Display Filters

Both the display and enabled settings support expressions in addition to boolean values, and as such can be used to show/hide series based on conditions. display hides series from view and from the legend, and enabled hides series from view but shows them in the legend in disabled state.

These expressions can compare last value or statistics with a pre-defined threshold or relative rank (based on last value).

#show top-3 series by last value 
display = value >= top(3)
#show series with last value greater than 0.
enabled = value > 0
#hide disks ending with number: sda1, sdb1, dm0
enabled = isNaN(tags.device_name.substring(tags.device_name.length-1))
device_name = *
#hide unused disks (value greater than 0), hide tmpfs disks, hide disk mounted on /boot
display = value > 0 && tags.fs_type != 'tmpfs' && tags.mount_point != '/boot'
Disk_Name = *
Mount_Point = *
FS_Type = *
enabled = max('1 day') > 5
#display all except /
display = tags.mount_point != '/'
#hide on prefix
enabled = tags.mount_point.indexOf('/m') < 0

Calendar display filter