Shared widget settings can be specified at the top level, such as [configuration] or [group], and overwritten at [widget] or [series] to handle specific cases.

For example, if all widgets in the portal are created for the same server, it is recommended to set the entity setting at the [configuration] level so that all included widgets share the same entity setting. This makes syntax more compact and makes it easy to replace top settings in one place instead of performing search and replace.

        type = chart   
	title = 'metric'
        #metric field will be inherited by all series in the widget
	metric = nmon.cpu_total.busy%
		entity = awsswgvml001
		entity = nurswgvml006
                #inherited metric is overwritten for this particular series
		metric = mpstat.cpu_busy%
		entity = nurswgvml007

In this example, the same metric is inherited by all series defined in the widget because the metric is defined at a higher level, namely at the [widget] level in this case. The second series overrides the inherited value.

Resetting Inheritance

To override or reset an inherited setting to the default value, specify its name and empty string:

Chart Lab: View

Reset to the default value (do not inherit setting value):

statistic =

If a setting needs to be set to a whitespace (empty string), specify its value in double quotes:

statistic = ""