Meta Data

The metadata fields must be explicitly requested from the server by adding add-meta = true setting to the widget configuration.

The fields can be referenced in widget settings in several common use cases:

  • Add extended entity/metric information to labels
  • Calculate derived metrics based on entity tags
  • Set [threshold] value or treemap sizes based  on entity tags, etc.

The label-format, column-label-format, and marker-format settings can reference the following placeholders:

Entity Placeholders:

  • meta.entity.label – Entity label
  • meta.entity.field_name – Entity fields such as timeZone, interpolate, and other fields specified in Meta API
  • meta.entity.tags.tag_name – Entity tag with name tag_name
  • meta.entity.tags[‘tag-name’] – Entity tag with name tag-name

Metric placeholders:

  • meta.metric.label – Metric label
  • meta.metric.field_name – Metric fields such as dataType, timePrecision, and other fields specified in Meta API
  • meta.metric.tags.tag_name – Metric tag with name tag_name
  • meta.metric.tags[‘tag-name’] – Metric tag with name tag-name
  type = chart
  label-format = - statistic
  add-meta = true

    entity = nurswgvml006
    entity = nurswgvml007

The below convenience functions are accessible in the following settings:

  • value
  • series-value (in Table [column])
  • display
  • enabled
  • alert-expression
  • size (Treemap)
  • color
  • node-value (Graph)
  • link-value (Graph)
  • link-alert-expression (Graph)
  • node-alert-expression (Graph)

Convenience functions:

meta('alias') – returns ‘meta’ object for series with alias ‘alias’.
meta() – returns ‘meta’ object for the current series.
entityTag('alias', 'tag_name') – return entity tag value for series with the specified alias
entityTag('tag_name') – return entity tag value for the current series
metricTag('alias', 'tag_name') – return metric tag value for series with the specified alias
metricTag('tag_name') – return metric tag value for the current series