The Property Table Widget displays properties collected for the entity in tabular format.

Entity Tags for Entity Group


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Entity Tags


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Default style

property widget 1

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Terminal Style

property widget 2

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[widget] Settings

Inherited settings from Generic Widget: type, title, tooltip, left-units, top-units, width-units, height-units, timespan, path, url.

Inherited settings from Generic Table: replace-underscore, capitalize, display-tags, show-tag-names, sort, column-{key}, columns, class, transpose.

By default, the widget contains two columns: entity and time.

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
casecase = upperAn indication of the register values for the tags.
Possible values: lower, upper
joinjoin = truePerforms join by entity and type.
join = entity performs join by entity only.
Possible values: true, false, entity
Default value: false
expand-tagsexpand-tags = trueShow all tags in response as columns.
Useful when exact tags are not known in advance.
hide-columnhide-column = value <= 0 || column.key.indexOf('paging') == 0Expression based setting.
Hide particular columns if all cell values in these columns satisfy the condition or if column name matches the pattern.

Columns created when multiple types are joined into one table, can be hidden using both the full name and the short name:

# hide all time columns
column-time = null
# hide time columns for specific types
column-cpu.time = null
column-disk.time = null
[column] Settings
NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
keykey = ifaceName of property in json that is received from the server.View
tagtag = addrTag name.View
valuevalue = row.tags.addrUsing json code you can receive any value that can be written into the property table.
Supported arguments: this, value, alert, row, column, widget, el, rowEl, td, filter, dialog, series.
formatformat = iso
format = json
format = bytes
Formats cell based using the specified formatter functions.View
format-numbersformat-numbers = falseDisable number formatting (thousand separator).View
format-headersformat-headers=trueDisable column name formatting.View
[property] Settings
NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
typetype = nmon.commandProperty type.
Use $entity_tags to retrieve entity tags.
queue =
One or multiple keys specified as name = value pairs under [keys] section.
exact-matchexactMatch = trueExact match selects a record with exactly the same key as requested in [keys] section. Default: false.
Partial match selects records with key that contains requested fields but may also include other fields.
key-tag-expressionkeys.manager = 'MGR01' AND tags.queue LIKE 'qm1.*'Expression for matching properties with specified keys and tags. Keys are accessed with keys.{key-name} and tags with tags.{tag-name}.
limitlimit = 10Maximum number of records to be returned.
lastlast = trueReturn only records with the update time equal to the maximum update time of matched records. Default: false.
offsetoffset = 5000Difference, in milliseconds, between maximum update time of matched records and update time of the current record.
If the difference exceeds offset, the record is excluded from results.
tag-offsettag-offset = 15000Difference, in milliseconds, between update time of the current record and update time of the tag field.
If the difference exceeds tag-offset, the tag field is excluded from tags object.
Configuration Example

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	type = property
	title = Top Processes
	time-span = 15 minute
        class = terminal
		key = pid
		label = PID
		format = ####
		key = command
		label = Command
		key = %cpu
		label = Cpu %
		key = size
		label = Virtual
		format = kilobytes 
		key = resset
		label = Resident
		format = kilobytes
		key = shdlib
		label = Shared
		format = kilobytes
	  type = process
          entity = nurswgvml007