Text widget displays the current series value as a highlighted number with a label. If multiple series are specified, the widget displays their values in a row.

Icon Alert

text widget 6

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Conditional Icons

text widget 5

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No Alert

text widget 2

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text widget 1

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Multiple Series

text widget 3

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Clock & Series


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[widget] Settings

Inherited settings from Generic Widget: type, title, tooltip, left-units, top-units, width-units, height-units, path, url, alert-style, alert-expression, style, format.

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
circlecircle = trueDisplays background circle.
Default value: false
min-font-sizemin-font-size = 10Minimum font size for labels, in pixels.View
max-font-sizemax-font-size = 14Maximum font size for labels, in pixels.View
on-series-clickon-series-click = callDialog({ type: 'page', url: 'http://www.axibase.com/' })Change the type of widget that opens in a dialog window when the value is clicked.
Default value: time chart
icon-sizeicon-size = autoAutomatically resize the icon to occupy all available space except the area used by the value and label.
If icon-size is not set, icon is scaled proportionally to the font height which can be controlled using the min-font-size and max-font-size settings.
[series] Settings

Inherited settings from Generic Widget [series]: entity, metric, alert-expression, alert-style, style, color, label, tooltip, format, refresh-interval, retry-refresh-interval, error-refresh-interval.

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab

label = <tspan style='font-weight:bold'>Memory</tspan> Free
label = <a onClick="event.cancelBubble = true;" 
style="text-decoration: none; color: steelblue" title="Axibase" 
href="http://www.axibase.com/" target="_blank">Axibase</a>

Сaption displayed below the number.
Multiple lines and html markup are supported.
If the label is not defined, entity and metric names are displayed below the value.
To hide the label and display only the series value, add the label= setting with an empty value.
Labels can be set as a link to an external page using html.
Use the browser history buttons to go back to the previous page if you opened a url on the same page.
iconicon = public/img/svg/linear/users.svg
icon = alerts_color_01
icon = alerts-color-01
Add an svg icon.

Built-in icons can be referenced by name.
View built-in Icon Reference Sheet.
Underscores in built-in icon names can substituted with dashes:
icon = alerts_color_07
icon = alerts-color-07

Custom icons in ATSD should be placed into the /opt/atsd/atsd/conf/portal/svg directory and can be referenced with the /portal/resource/svg/image.svg path.

Custom icons in AxibaseServer should be placed into ./AxibaseServer/config/workspace/svg and can be referenced with the /workspace/svg/image.svg path.

icon-positionicon-position = bottomPosition of the icon relative to the series value.
Possible settings: left, right, bottom, top
icon-coloricon-color = orangeColor of the icon.View
icon-alert-styleicon-alert-style = fill: red;Alert styles that are applied to the icon when the alert-expression is satisfied.View
Configuration Example

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    type = text
    max-font-size = 72
    entity = nurswgvml007
    metric = memfree
    format = kilobytes
    entity = nurswgvml007
    metric = cpu_busy
    format = Math.round(value) + '%'