Treemap displays each series as a rectangle, sized according to the size setting and colored according to the magnitude of deviation of the series value from the threshold.

Manual Thresholds and Size


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Default Threshold

treemap widget 1

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Manual Threshold

treemap widget 2

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[widget] Settings

Inherited settings from Generic Widget: type, title, tooltip, left-units, top-units, width-units, height-units, timespan, path, url, alert-style, alert-expression, style, format, last, min-range, max-range.

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
display-totaldisplay-total = falseDisplays the sum of rectangle sizes,
i.e. size setting for series (true by default)
size-namesize-name = sumTitle for for display-total.
Displayed after Total.
For example: Total sum
format-sizeformat-size = kilobytesFormat size setting values.
For example: format-size = bytes
font-sizefont-size = 42Font size settings, set as a whole number (i.e. 12).View
color-rangecolor-range = blue
color-range = black
color-range = red
color-range = green, yellow, red
Determines the color range of the widget.
By default: color-range = red
Other built-in color-range scales: blue, black.
Custom colors can be added into the row.
gradient-countgradient-count = 2
gradient-count = 3, 1, 1
Number of gradients in each range.View
total-sizetotal-size = 70Total maximum size of all rectangles combinedView
palette-tickspalette-ticks = trueDisplay labels on the legend.
Possible values: true, false
Default value: false
rotate-palette-ticksrotate-palette-ticks = trueRotate legend labels.
Possible values: true, false
true – vertical
false – horizontal
Default value: true
range-mergerange-merge = trueIf threshold is not defined, different set of ranges is computed for each series based on observed min and max values within the loaded timespan.
range-merge computes a single set of ranges for all series in the widget by using min and max for all loaded series.
Default value: false
modemode = rowLayout mode controls how rectangles are positioned. Available options:
– default
– row (align rectangles as rows)
– column (align rectangles as columns)
– auto (switch between row and column modes depending on widget size)
[series] Settings

Inherited settings from Generic Widget [series]: entity, metric, type, interval, statistics, alert-expression, alert-style, style, color, label, tooltip, format, refresh-interval, retry-refresh-interval, error-refresh-interval.

NameExampleDescriptionChart Lab
sizesize = 3
size = value('007')
size = value('scala')
size = value
The relative size of the series rectangle (1 by default).
Can be set to a series value by referring to its alias.
Can be set to the current value of the series using value.
thresholdsthresholds = 0, 25, 50, 75, 100
thresholds = bottom(1), delta('total') / value('total'), top(1)
Setting which defines the threshold values.
By default the mean value all metrics for the whole time-span is chosen as the threshold.
Can be set to the change rate (delta) of series contained in the widget by referring to their aliases.
colorcolor = avg('30 minute') < 90 ? 'green' : 'red'Color of the rectangle.
Can be given in the form of JavaScript code, same as the alert-expression settings or value for series.
[other] Settings

[other] creates an additional rectangle which is not associated with any series and can be used to display remaining value or spare capacity.

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sizesize = 1Relative size (1 by default)
labellabel = OtherThe display name (Other by default)
colorcolor = greyRectangle color
[properties] Settings

For [other] and [series] tags in this widget, it is possible to define the [properties] tag, which specifies any values divided by an equal sign (if the value contains = or \, then they should be written with a backslash, i.e. \= \\).

This setting will display a table in the tooltip that appears when you mouse-over a series rectangle. Also in these tags, you can use the context setting value, which is displayed in the tooltip before the [properties] table.

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Example Configuration

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    type = treemap
    time span = 10 minute
    title = Cpu Busy
      entity = nurswgvml010
      metric = cpu_busy
      size = 1
      entity = nurswgvml006
      metric = cpu_busy
      size = 2
      entity = nurswgvml007
      metric = cpu_busy
      size = 3