New York City Income by Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Range (2014)

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Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

Adjusted Gross Income is defined as gross income minus adjustments to income.

A person's AGI reflects the total amount of money that they earned in a given fiscal year minus whatever deductions that filer makes. The City of New York has collected information for all local tax filers, and aggregated them into ten equally sized groups representing increasing 10th percentiles (called deciles here). The first decile represents the bottom 10% of New York City wage earners by AGI while the tenth decile represents the top 10% of New York City wage earners by AGI.

Number of Filers

SELECT tags.income_group AS "AGI Decile", value AS "Total Filers", value/1000 AS "Total Filers (1000)"
  FROM "number_of_filers"
AGI Decile Total Filers Total Filers (1000)
Total 3461521 3462
1st Decile 346320 346
2nd Decile 346026 346
3rd Decile 346159 346
4th Decile 346193 346
5th Decile 246213 246
6th Decile 346021 346
7th Decile 346268 346
8th Decile 346132 346
9th Decile 346068 346
10th Decile 346121 346

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Average Income by Decile

SELECT tags.income_group AS "AGI Decile", value AS "Decile Average Income"
  FROM "average_income_per_filer"
AGI Decile Decile Average Income
Total 66580
1st Decile 988
2nd Decile 6587
3rd Decile 11543
4th Decile 17270
5th Decile 24353
6th Decile 32804
7th Decile 43377
8th Decile 57881
9th Decile 83790
10th Decile 387259

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Average Total Income for all deciles: $66,580/year.

AGI Decile Percent of Average Income (%)
1st Decile 1.48%
2nd Decile 9.89%
3rd Decile 17.34%
4th Decile 25.94%
5th Decile 36.58%
6th Decile 49.27%
7th Decile 65.15%
8th Decile 86.93%
9th Decile 125.85%
10th Decile 581.65%

A person making the average adjusted salary in New York City ($66580/year) is in the upper 85th percentile of wage earners.

Total Income by Decile

SELECT tags.income_group AS "Age Decile", value AS "Decile Total Income (USD Million)"
  FROM "total_income_dollars_in_millions"
Age Decile Decile Total Income (USD Million)
Total 230468
1st Decile 342
2nd Decile 2279
3rd Decile 3996
4th Decile 5979
5th Decile 8431
6th Decile 11351
7th Decile 15020
8th Decile 20034
9th Decile 28997
10th Decile 134038

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Income by Decile as a Percent of Total Income

SELECT tags.income_group AS "Age Decile", ((value/230468)*100) AS "Percent of Total Income"
  FROM "total_income_dollars_in_millions" WHERE tags.income_group != 'Total'

This is a calculated metric using the Total figure from Table 3.1 as the total value.

Age Decile Percent of Total Income
1st Decile 0.15
2nd Decile 0.99
3rd Decile 1.73
4th Decile 2.59
5th Decile 3.66
6th Decile 4.93
7th Decile 6.52
8th Decile 8.69
9th Decile 12.58
10th Decile 58.16

The top 10th percentile of earners in New York City earned almost 60% of the adjusted gross income in 2014.

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