Entity Filter Fields

  • One of the below entity fields is required.
  • Field precedence, from highest to lowest: entity, entities, entityGroup. Although multiple fields are allowed in the query object, only the field with higher precedence is applied.
  • entityExpression is applied as an additional filter to the entity, entities, and entityGroup fields. For example, if both the entityGroup and entityExpression fields are specified, entityExpression is applied to members of the specified entity group.
  • Entity name pattern supports asterisk (*) and question mark (?) as wildcard characters.
Name Type Description
entity string Entity name or entity name pattern.
Example: "entity":"nur007" or "entity":"svl*"
entities array Array of entity names or entity name patterns.
Example: "entities":["nur007", "nur010", "svl*"]
entityGroup string Entity group name.
Example: "entityGroup":"nur-prod-servers".
Returns records for members of the specified group.
The result is empty if the group does not exist or is empty.
entityExpression string Matches entities by name, entity tag, and properties based on the specified filter expression.
Example: "entityExpression":"tags.location = 'SVL'"

entityExpression Syntax

entityExpression returns boolean result based on evaluating an expression.

Supported fields:

  • id
  • name
  • label
  • enabled
  • createdDate
  • versionDate
  • tags.<name> or tags['<name>']

Supported Functions


Entity Name Match

Match entities with name starting with 'nurswgvml',
for example 'nurswgvml001', 'nurswgvml772'.
name LIKE 'nurswgvml*'

Entity Label Match

Match entities whose label does not contain the 'nur' substring.
label NOT LIKE '*nur*'

Creation Date

creationDate >= '2020-03-15'

Enabled/Disabled Entity Match

/* Match enabled entities. */
enabled = true

/* Match disabled entities. */
enabled = false

Entity Tag Match

Match entities with entity tag 'environment' equal to 'production'.
tags.environment = 'production'

Match entities with entity tag 'location' starting with 'SVL',
for example 'SVL', 'SVL02'.
tags.location LIKE 'SVL*'

Match entities with entity tag 'container_label.com.axibase.code' equal to 'collector'.
tags.container_label.com.axibase.code = 'collector'

Match entities with entity tag 'docker-host' contained in the collection.
tags.docker-host IN ('dock1', 'dock2')

Property Match

Match entities with a 'java_home' stored in 'docker.container.config.env'
equal to '/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre'.
property('docker.container.config.env::java_home') = '/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre'

Match entities which have a '/opt' file_system stored in 'nmon.jfs' property type.

Match entities with a 'file_system' which name includes 'ora',
stored in 'nmon.jfs' property type.
matches('*ora*', property_values('nmon.jfs::file_system'))

Match entities with non-empty 'java_home' in 'docker.container.config.env' property type.

Match entities without 'java_home' in 'docker.container.config.env' property type.
property_values('docker.container.config.env::java_home').size() == 0