Axibase Time Series Database Installation

Hardware Requirements

Review hardware and OS requirements to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.


By installing Axibase Time Series Database you agree to the following License terms.

After the trial period, ATSD requires an active subscription or a perpetual license for proper functioning.

You can request a new license on the Settings > License page.

Container Images

  • Image Registry: Docker Hub, RedHat Container Catalog, Kubernetes
  • Mode: Non-Distributed
  • Edition: Standard

Linux Packages

  • Supported Distributions: RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SLES
    • RPM/DEB Packages
    • apt / yum Repositories
  • Mode: Non-Distributed
  • File System: ext4 (Local)
  • Edition: Standard

AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

  • Mode: Distributed
  • File System: AWS EMRFS / S3
  • Edition: Enterprise

Cloudera Distribution Hadoop

  • Mode: Distributed
  • File System: HDFS
  • Edition: Enterprise

Getting Started

After installation, review the Getting Started Guide to explore ATSD features.

Technical Support

Contact us at with installation questions.

Attach relevant details to your ticket.