Installation: Docker Image

Host Requirements


Start Container

docker run -d -p 8443:8443 -p 8081:8081 -p 8082:8082/udp \

To automatically create an account for data collection agents, replace username and password credential variables in the command below.

docker run -d --name=atsd -p 8443:8443 -p 8081:8081 -p 8082:8082/udp \
  --env COLLECTOR_USER_NAME=username \
  --env COLLECTOR_USER_PASSWORD=password \
  --env COLLECTOR_USER_TYPE=api-rw \

The password is subject to the following requirements. If the password contains special characters $, &, #, or !, escape them with backslash \.


For installation on Kubernetes refer to this guide.

Check Installation

docker logs -f atsd

Watch for ATSD start completed message at the end of the start.log.

[ATSD] Waiting for ATSD to accept requests on port 8088 ... ( 4 / 60 )
[ATSD] ATSD user interface:
[ATSD] ATSD start completed. Time: 2017-10-03 19-50-16.

Web interface is now accessible on port 8443 (HTTPS).

Launch Parameters

Name Required Description
--detach Yes Run container in background and print container id.
--hostname No Assign hostname to the container.
--name No Assign a unique name to the container.
--restart No Auto-restart policy.
--publish No Publish container port to the host.
--env No Define a new environment variable inside the container in key=value format.

Environment Variables

Name Required Description
ADMIN_USER_NAME No User name for the built-in administrator account.
ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD No Password for the built-in administrator.
COLLECTOR_USER_NAME No User name for a data collector account.
COLLECTOR_USER_PASSWORD No Password for a data collector account.
COLLECTOR_USER_TYPE No User group for a data collector account, default value is writer.
DB_TIMEZONE No Database time zone identifier.
JAVA_OPTS No Additional arguments passed to ATSD JVM process.
HADOOP_OPTS No Additional arguments passed to Hadoop/HDFS JVM processes.
HBASE_OPTS No Additional arguments passed to HBase JVM processes.

View additional launch examples here.

Exposed Ports

Additional ports:

  • 8088 - HTTP UI and REST API
  • 1099 – JMX
  • 8084 - Graphite commands
  • 8085 - TCP trade commands
  • 8086 - UDP trade commands
  • 8091 - TCP statistics commands
  • 8092 - UDP statistics commands

Port Mappings

Change port mappings in the launch command in case of port allocation error.

Cannot start container <container_id>: failed to create endpoint atsd on network bridge:
Bind for failed: port is already allocated
docker run -d --name=atsd \
  --publish 9443:8443 \
  --publish 9081:8081 \
  --publish 9082:8082/udp \


  • Check application logs.
docker exec -it atsd tail -f /opt/atsd/atsd/logs/atsd.log


Post-installation Steps