Metric Search


The metric search interface finds metrics by name or metric tag values.


Search text can consist of multiple keywords.

  • Keywords containing a colon are treated as tag filters, for example example-tag:example-value finds metrics with tag example-tag set to example-value
  • Reserved keywords min-date and max-date filter entities by last insert date specified as literal date in yyyy-MM-dd or ISO format or as a calendar keyword.
  • Remaining keywords match metric names.


Name patterns support the following wildcard symbols:

  • * Matches any number of characters.
  • ? Matches any one character.

Wildcard * is automatically appended to the end of name patterns when performing searches, thereby matching any metrics which contain a name that begins with the specified text.

Multiple keywords are evaluated as boolean AND conditions.

Metric names, tag names, and tag values are matched on a case-insensitive basis.


  • Find metrics which begin with keyword cpu:


    Identical query:

  • Find metrics which contain keyword cpu:

  • Find metrics with tag frequency set to Daily:

  • Find metrics with any value for tag frequency and display frequency column:

  • Find metrics with non-empty value for tag frequency:

  • Find metrics which begin with keyword cpu and contain tag frequency set to Daily:

    cpu frequency:Daily