Food Insecurity in America (2009-2013)

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Figure 1: Average Food Insecurity Rates for Selected Counties.

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The United States of America is considered by most of the world to be a land of plenty, but that does not mean that food security problems do not exist. In fact, an average one in seven persons is labeled as food insecure by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)(1). Such a person is considered to have unstable access to nutritious and varied food, though not necessarily starving. A full explanation of the definition of food insecurity can be found on the USDA website.

The City of New Orleans tracks public health statistics such as this one, and releases the data through, which is the source of the above dataset. Open the visualization in ChartLab to see which counties included in the dataset from Axibase have above average rates of food insecurity for the observed period (2009-2013) and contact Feeding America or another charity if you want to lend a hand.