Chart of the Day

Interactive visualizations tracking interesting datasets from a variety of sources.

  1. Foreign U.S. Treasury Holders: Turkey rides the roller-coaster.
  2. Foreign U.S. Treasury Holders: Big Moves by France and Norway.
  3. Foreign U.S. Treasury Holders: France, Italy, and End of Year Positioning.
  4. Foreign Holders Reducing U.S. Treasury Holdings
  5. Total Known and Endangered Species by Country and Type
  6. U.S. Treasury Holdings Series Filter
  7. Multi-season Baselines
  8. Workers in Alternative Arrangements
  9. Loan Delinquency Rates, All Commercial Banks
  10. Fixing Rate for Precious Metals
  11. Oroville Dam Baselines
  12. US Expatriations are back to Pre-Election Levels
  13. The Practicality of a True European Army
  14. Increased Competition Fosters Falling Airline Prices
  15. The Econometrics of Halloween
  16. Stag-cation: The Stagnation of Supplemental Benefits
  17. The Lopsided Nature of US Unemployment
  18. Presidential Economic Metrics Portal
  19. California Water Portals
  20. Tracking Cryptocurrency Value
  21. Hetzner May 2018 Outage
  22. The Creeping Overnight Fund Rate
  23. The Fall of Facebook
  24. Food Insecurity in America
  25. City-wide LED Streetlight Savings (Los Angeles, CA)
  26. Credit Card Loan Delinquency at 25 Year Low
  27. Outstanding Students Loan Debt Continues to Exceed One Trillion Dollars
  28. United States Voter Turnout Since 1970
  29. The Cleanest Water in Washington State
  30. Public Utilities and Private Industry in Austin
  31. United States International Students
  32. Dropping Out in Iowa
  33. Complaints in the Emerald City
  34. San Francisco Air Traffic Noise Complaints by the Numbers
  35. Island Living is Recession Proof
  36. 500 Cities: Local Data for Better Health
  37. The Most Crowded Industries in New York City
  38. DuckDuckGo Search Statistics
  39. Tracking Programming Language Popularity on Stack Overflow
  40. AWS EC2 T2 Instances: 700 seconds of Fame