United States International Students

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America has always been a country that thrived on immigration, and American universities are regarded among the best in the world. International students find the middle ground of these two metrics and come to the country to experience American life and study at some of the best American universities, sometimes returning home after they complete their education and sometimes accepting work and joining the millions who have done the same throughout history.

But where do they come from?

SELECT tags.country AS "Country", value/1000 AS "Thousand Students"
  FROM "no_of_students"
Country Thousand Students
China 235.6
India 96.8
South Korea 70.6
Saudi Arabia 44.6
Canada 27.4
Taiwan 21.9
Japan 19.6
Vietnam 16.1
Mexico 14.2
Turkey 11.3

The number of international students is on a growing arc upward the table and visualization above details the home country of the top ten groups of international students studying in the United States from 2013 data released by the State of Hawaii.

The visualization below arranges the data by continent for an additional perspective.

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