Fixing Price for Precious Metals


  • Since 2018 began, gold prices in the London Bullion Market have fallen 12.4%.
  • Long-term fixing price is still up compared to 2005 value, and equal when compared to 2010 value
  • Indexed industrial production value at 82 (scale of 100), down from previous month value 87.
  • Silver prices down 14% since January 2018.
  • Month-on-month change tracked via user-defined functions.


import, ticks, axis, style, opacity, format, offset, alias


Short-Term Fixing Price

Long-Term Fixing Price

Syntax Features

  • axis to compare data of different orders of magnitude.
axis = right
# define axis for specified data.
  • style CSS style applied to series.
style = stroke-width: 3; opacity: 0.75
# define series, header, or overall widget styles

Use header-style to customize widget header, or use the setting at the [widget] level to modify the entire widget.

  • format controls displayed series and axis values.
format = '$' + currency
# formatting allows chart axis and value customization.