Meta API: Entities Methods

Name Method Path Content-Type Description
Get GET /api/v1/entities/{entity} Retrieve information about the specified entity including its tags.
List GET /api/v1/entities Retrieve a list of entities matching the specified filter conditions.
Update PATCH /api/v1/entities/{entity} application/json Update fields and tags of the specified entity.
Create or Replace PUT /api/v1/entities/{entity} application/json Create an entity with specified fields and tags or replace the fields and tags of an existing entity.
Delete DELETE /api/v1/entities/{entity} application/json Delete the specified entity and delete it as member from any entity groups that it belongs to.
Entity Groups GET /api/v1/entities/{entity}/groups Retrieve a list of entity groups to which the specified entity belongs.
Metrics GET /api/v1/entities/{entity}/metrics Retrieve a list of metrics collected by the entity.
Property Types GET /api/v1/entities/{entity}/property-types Retrieve a list property types for the entity.