Axibase Enterprise Reporter (AER) is a unified IT reporting solution for performance monitoring and capacity planning based on Linked Data and Self-Service concepts. The Linked Data architecture implemented in AER allows it to deliver reporting capabilities on top of underlying monitoring systems simultaneously, without copying the data.

AER is pre-integrated with IBM Tivoli, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, HP Openview and Performance Manager, BMC ProactiveNet, VMWare vCenter, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SAP HANA, NetApp OnCommand, WhatsUp, Dynatrace, Entuity and other solutions.

In addition, AER provides the Universal Adapter for integration with any monitoring system or a custom data source that supports JDBC connectivity.

Leveraging AER as a single point of access to IT infrastructure metrics, systems administrators and application support teams are able to execute and automate performance monitoring and capacity planning tasks with minimal effort.


Integrating AER with IBM Tivoli 6.x

Key Features

  • Ad-hoc and scheduled reports in web, PDF, Word, CSV and Excel formats.

  • In-depth Frame/LPAR/WPAR analytics and optimization reports for System P (Power Systems)

  • Availability/SLA reporting based on System Uptime counters

  • Single-server, multi-server, rank, grid, table, heatmap, summary, violation reports

  • Ability to interactively filter reports by application, resource group, and server properties such as location or type of environment (production, staging, development)

  • User-defined and administrator-managed dashboards

  • Reports distributed to email subscribers on schedule

  • Export to PDF, Word and CSV

  • HTTP API for report sharing and easy Intranet portal integration

  • Real-time streaming charts

  • Forecasting, trending, and exception reporting

  • Single sign-on using LDAP  with granular permissions and support for auto-signon

  • Ability to concurrently integrate multiple monitoring systems, even of the same type