Capacity Planning
Top N Ranks
  • View the top overutilized and underutilized servers
  • Filter by location, application, and environment
  • Highlight threshold violations
  • Drill down into detailed statistics for in-depth diagnostics
  • Evaluate the CPU, memory, disk, and network statistics for each server
  • Filter threshold violations
  • Correlate the performance of multiple servers in cluster or application
  • Choose from more than 20 statistical metrics
  • Finds servers available for virtualization
  • Uses statistical metrics to profile an entire environment
  • Displays statistics for multiple servers on one chart
  • Arranges a collection of values by time
  • Contrasts the performance to server configuration
  • Sorts servers by statistics such as violations and forecasts
Heat Map
  • Identifies system-wide patterns in performance degradation
  • Finds bottlenecks between multiple servers
  • Detects hidden dependencies
Long Term Forecast
  • Forecasts resource utilization with detailed dates
  • Highlights upcoming threshold violations
Short Term Forecast
  • Generates quick utilization predictions for multiple time intervals
  • Drills down into in-depth server statistics
  • Shows threshold violation trends
AIX Power Systems
Enterprise Capacity
  • Looks for underutilized units
  • Examines the entire enterprise-level server capacity
  • Summarizes the efficiency of key performance indicators such as LPAR density and over provisioning
Frame Optimization
  • Identifies over- and under-provisioning imbalances for each frame
  • Provides continuous recommendations for rebalancing LPAR CPU
LPAR Configuration
  • Configures hardware, LPAR, and WPARs for the entire frame
  • Obtains real-time configuration from each partition
LPAR Utilization
  • Displays allocated and used CPU and memory capacity for each partition
  • Compares performance across partitions on the same frame
  • Examines multiple time periods
LPAR Optimization
  • Computes optimal and burst CPU settings for each LPAR based on capacity profiles and historical data
  • Ensures resource allocation for Tier-1 LPARs based on priority
  • Presents in-depth, out-of-the-box historical LPAR statistics
Outage Counts
  • Captures and report downtime incidents
  • Graphs daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly outage counts
  • Compares year-on-year outage counts
Outage Log
  • View an outage log with detailed information on downtime duration
  • Reveal the start and end time of the outage and uptime before a shutdown
  • Add, enrich, or acknowledge incident records
  • Estimate an external events using API
Availability Summary
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly availability statistics
  • Application, environment, customer, location, etc.filters
Availibility Ranking
  • Outage summaries by month or server with detailed information
  • Top-N outage contributors for each month
Service Levels
  • Contractual outage compliance
  • Target SLA levels defined at server or application levels