upload CSV


Accepts a CSV file or multiple CSV files for parsing into series, properties, or messages with the specified CSV parser.

The files can be uploaded in plain text or compressed with the GZIP or ZIP codecs.

Multiple files can be archived with zip/tar and uploaded as one .zip or .tar.gz archive.

This method supports processing of the uploaded attached file as data as well as a part in a multi-part payload.

Size Limit

  • Maximum file size is 1 gigabyte.


If the input file is larger than 1 GB, consider to compress it to reduce size to the threshold or splitting it into multiple smaller files, uploaded separately.

Date Limits

  • Minimum time that can be stored in the database is 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z, or 0 milliseconds from Unix time.
  • Maximum date that can be stored by the database is 2106-02-07T06:59:59.999Z, or 4294969199999 milliseconds from Unix time.
  • If the date is outside of the above range, file processing stops at the line containing invalid date and a corresponding error is raised for the client.


Method Path
POST /api/v1/csv


File Data Mode

Header Value
Content-Type text/csv: for plain text CSV file.
application/zip: for compressed ZIP file and archive (.zip)
application/gzip or application/x-gzip: for compressed GZIP file (.gz) or archive (.tar.gz).

Multi-part Mode

Header Value
Content-Type multipart/*, for example multipart/form-data or multipart/mixed.
Content type for the file part itself must be set as described in File Data Mode above.

Query String Parameters

Name Type Description
config string [Required] Parser Name as configured on the Data > CSV Parsers page.
encoding string File encoding. Default: UTF-8.
filename string [Required for archived files uploaded in File Data mode]
Name of the file or archive being sent, for example text.csv, files.zip, files.tar.gz.
The archive can contain multiple files, all of which are processed.
Archive compression is determined based on file extension.
Supported archive formats: zip and tar.gz.
Supported file extensions for the uploaded archive: .gz, .tar.gz, .zip.
default-entity string Default entity name applied to commands contained in the file.
entity-prefix string Prefix added to all entity names extracted from the file.
entity-tags string Comma-separated list of entity tags added as series, message, or property tags to parsed commands.
default-metric string Default metric name applied to values in the numeric column contained in the file.
metric-prefix string Prefix added to all metric names extracted from the file.
metric-tags string Comma-separated list of metric tags added as series, message, or property tags to parsed commands.
wait boolean Wait until processing of the file into commands is completed by the server.
Default: true.
If wait is disabled, the file is processed by the server asynchronously.
rules boolean Process commands in the rule engine.
Default: true.
time string Date in ISO format or using calendar keywords applies to commands if the file does not contain a time column.
timezone string Time zone applied to timestamps specified in local time.
test boolean Parse and validate the file without processing and storing commands.
Default: false.
t:{name} string One or multiple default tags, inserted as series/property/message tags depending on command type, for example: &t:location=SVL&t:site=QB1.
Tag names must not contain non-printable characters such as space or tab.


  • File attached as data; or
  • Multi-part content containing the file. Part name containing the uploaded file must be named filedata and include the filename parameter:
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="filedata"; filename="arch.tar.gz"


The response contains a JSON object containing parsing results.


Name Value
startTime Time when parsing stated.
endTime Time when parsing finished.
processed Number of lines read from the file.
source IP address from which the request is received.
parser Parser name.
errorMessage Error message occurred while parsing the file.
taskStatus Parser task status.
type Action type
fileName Temporary file name assigned by the database.
fileCount File count. The count can be greater than 1 if the uploaded file is an archive.
fileSize Size of the uploaded file, in bytes.

In case of error, the response object includes error information.

{ "error": "IllegalArgumentException: Configuration with name = 'parser-12' not found" }


  • Names (metric name, property type, key names, tag names) containing non-printable characters are normalized by replacing them with underscore.




POST /api/v1/csv?config=my-parser&default-entity=nurswgvml007




    "startTime": 1471337579825,
    "endTime": 1471337579826,
    "processed": 3,
    "source": "",
    "parser": "my-parser",
    "errorMessage": null,
    "taskStatus": "COMPLETED",
    "type": "upload",
    "fileName": "csv-upload-6385580066693691391.csv",
    "fileCount": 1,
    "fileSize": 83

Additional Examples

curl upload

curl --insecure -X POST --user username:password \
  -T csv-3120.csv "https://atsd_hostname:8443/api/v1/csv?config=parser-3120&wait=true"


Request parameter values in the query string must be URL-encoded, for example &time=now%20-%201%20*%20hour.