Generates a screenshot of the specified portal in PNG format.


The user requesting the portal must be granted the API_DATA_READ role and corresponding Portal and Entity permissions.

Web Driver

The method requires a web driver to be installed and enabled on the ATSD server.


Method Path
GET /api/v1/portal/export

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Description
id integer [Required] Portal identifier, displayed in the Id column on the Portals > Configure page.
Either id or name parameter must be specified. If both parameters are specified, id takes precedence.
name string [Required] Portal name, displayed in the Name column on the Portals > Configure page.
entity string Entity name. Required for template portals.
width integer Screenshot width, in pixels. Default: 900.
height integer Screenshot height, in pixels. Default: 600.
theme string Portal theme.
Possible values: Default, Black.
Default value is set in portal configuration.

Additional request parameters are passed to the target portal and are accessible using the ${parameter_name} syntax.


PNG file.


GET /api/v1/portal/export?id=22
GET /api/v1/portal/export?name=Docker%20Host&entity=nurswgvml007
GET /api/v1/portal/export?id=100&width=1400&height=900
curl 'https://atsd_hostname:8443/api/v1/portal/export?id=202' \
  --insecure --user {username}:{password} > portal.png