Portal is a collection of time-series widgets created using the Axibase Charts and presented in a grid layout.

The Charts library implements a simple yet powerful syntax, closely integrated with the ATSD schema for building real-time dashboards in a declarative way.

Syntax Examples:

The power user, on the other hand, can leverage inheritance, wildcards, control structures, computed series, display filters, and other advanced features to create data-driven applications such as data sliders, cross-filters, statistic viewers etc.

VSCode Plugin

The Axibase Charts plugin for the Microsoft VSCode editor is a design tool that simplifies portal development and data exploration.

The plugin implements the following functionality:

  • Syntax Validation
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Settings Reference
  • Live Preview
  • Code Formatting
  • Auto-completion

Custom Portals

Custom portals can be created as described in the following guide.

Built-in Portals

ATSD contains built-in portals which are listed on the Portals page.

  • ATSD (self monitoring)
  • Linux nmon
  • AIX nmon
  • Amazon Web Services EC2
  • Amazon Web Services EBS
  • Google cAdvisor
  • Docker Host, Container
  • Microsoft SCOM
  • ITM Operating System
  • ActiveMQ Broker
  • SolarWinds
  • tcollector
  • scollector
  • collectd
  • VMware
  • JVM
  • nginx Web Server

The built-in portals can be customized by changing their configuration text and used as a foundation when developing custom portals.

Built-in Portal Examples

HP OpenView Oracle Host Oracle Databases
cAdvisor Host cAdvisor Disk Detail cAdvisor Overview
SCOM SQL Server ATSD Host SolarWinds Base
tcollector VMware Host VMware Host VM Breakdown
VMware Cluster Vmware VM SCOM Server
nmon AIX