Display Filters

Both the display and enabled settings support boolean expressions to show or hide series based on conditions.

  • The display setting hides the series from the chart area and from the legend.
  • The enabled setting hides series only from the chart area while retaining it in the legend.

The boolean expressions can compare last values or statistics with a threshold or rank.


Display Top Three Results

/* show top-3 series by last value */
display = value >= top(3)

Single Day Maximum Exceeds Five

enabled = max('1 day') > 5

Negation Syntax

Exclude series with != negation syntax.

display = tags.mount_point != '/'

enabled = tags.mount_point == '/'

tags.mount_point.indexOf('/m') < 0

Display by Tag

Calendar display filter.

display = tags.level == 'DEBUG'

Series Table

The display filter in the series table applies to each cell separately and not to the entire row.

The row becomes hidden when all value cells are hidden as well.

display = value > 200000

The enabled setting is ignored by the series table.

Derived Series from Hidden Series

The display and enabled settings have no impact on the calculated series.

    entity = nurswgvml006
    alias = a

    entity = nurswgvml007
    alias = b
    display = false

    # The result is not affected by hiding the 'b' series
    value = value('a') + value('b')