Page Widget


The Page Widget displays the contents of an external page inside the widget area.

  type = page
  url =

Widget Settings

  • The settings apply to the [widget] section.
  • Common [widget] settings are inherited.
Name Description
url URL of the external page.
Example: url =
disable-alert Cancel JavaScript alerts raised by the external page.
Possible values: false, true.
Default value: false.
Example: disable-alert = true
scale Scale the dimensions of the target page by the specified factor.
Default value: 1.0.
Example: scale = 0.8


Any Site

  type = page
  url =
  scale = 0.50

SQL Query

  type = page
  #url =
  url = /sql/preview?sql=@{encodeURIComponent(query)}
  #url = /sql/preview?sql=SELECT datetime, entity, value FROM cpu_busy WHERE datetime > current_hour ORDER BY datetime LIMIT 10

The link to query results in HTML format can be generated on the SQL > Console page.