The on-series-click setting links widgets displayed on the same portal for interactive behavior such as drill down.

on-series-click specifies an action to be performed when the user selects a series. For a Calendar widget, it is a row of summarization periods.

Trigger multiple on-series-click actions to update multiple widgets simultaneously.

on-series-click = var seriesConfig = $.extend({}, c.config.originalConfig.series[0], {entity: series.entity, tags: series.tags});

The on-series-click setting does not affect behavior of the widget on the header click handler. The syntax below demonstrates how to update headers when using linking features.

/* update console */
on-series-click = = $.extend(true, {},, { queries: [$.extend(interval, { entities: [series.entity], tags: series.tags })] }); consoleWidget.reload();

/* change headers */
on-series-click = $('.detailWidget').find('.widgetTitle').tex (keepAfterLast(series.tags.command, '.') + ': ' + series.entity)