Gauge Chart


The Gauge Chart displays last series value on a circle with colored sectors and a dial.

If the widget contains multiple series, the gauge displays the total value of included series.

  type = gauge
  mode = half
  thresholds = 0, 50, 90, 100
  colors = green, yellow, red

    entity = nurswgvml007
    metric = cpu_busy

Widget Settings

  • The settings apply to the [widget] section.
  • Common [widget] settings are inherited.
Name Description
mode Gauge type. The visible sector is set to 240 degrees in default mode, and to 180 degrees in other modes.
Possible values: default, sleek, half.
Default value: default.
Example: mode = sleek
thresholds Numeric thresholds to split the circle into multiple sectors, each assigned a different color.
The thresholds can be static or calculated.
The number of thresholds must be 1 greater then the number of colors.
Example: thresholds = 0, 50, 90, 100
colors Comma separated list of color names or hex codes, assigned to threshold sectors.
The number must be 1 fewer than the number of thresholds.
Example: colors = green, yellow, red
Recommended color palette tools: colorhexa,
color-range Color palette applied to threshold sectors.
Possible values: red, blue, black.
Example: color-range = red
gradient-count Number of gradient sub-sectors within each threshold sector.
Example: gradient-count = 3
gradient-intensity Gradient contrast.
Possible values: [-100%,100%] / [-100%,100%].
Example: gradient-intensity = -20% / 50%
caption Text displayed on top of the gauge.
HTML markup is supported.
Example: caption = Operating System
caption-style Caption CSS style.
Example: caption-style = font-size: 64px
ticks Number of major ticks placed on the circle arc.
Default value: 5.
Example: ticks = 2
minor-ticks Ratio of minor ticks per major tick. Supported only in default mode.
Default value: 0.
Example: minor-ticks = 4
display-ticks Show numeric values on major ticks.
Possible values: false, true.
Default value: true.
Example: display-ticks = true
counter-position Counter position. The counter displays series value.
Possible values: top, bottom, none.
Default value: depends on mode.
Example: counter-position = none
display-tip Show colored rectangle containing series value on the arch or at the tip of the value arrow.
Possible values: false, true.
Default value: true.
Example: display-tip = false
format-tip Apply formatting to the series value displayed on the arch or at the tip of the value arrow.
Example: format-tip = kilobyte
format-axis Apply formatting to tick values.
Example: format-axis = fixed(2)
format-counter Apply formatting to counter value.
Example: format-counter = numeric
ring-width Gauge ring width.
Percent of total possible width.
Possible values: [0%, 100%].
Example: ring-width = 20%
border-width Offset between gauge ring and container.
Percent of total possible radius.
Possible values: [0%, 100%].
Example: border-width = 20%
pin-radius Pin circle radius.
Percent of total possible radius.
Possible values: [0%, 100%].
Example: pin-radius = 20%
arrow-length Length of gauge arrow.
Percent of total possible length.
Possible values: [0%, 100%].
Example: arrow-length = 30%


Default Style

half Mode

sleek Mode


Calculated Thresholds