The nmon parser processes nmon files and converts them into time-series data and configuration properties.

Parser Settings

Setting Description Default Parser Settings
Name Name of the current parser. default
Metric Prefix Prefix added before each nmon metric to distinguish and sort metrics with same or similar names. For example: using the prefix nmon converts the metric cpu_total.busy to nmon.cpu_total.busy. nmon
Ignored Ignored nmon metrics. Metrics listed here are not imported. Acts as a filter. none
Process TOP Store TOP data. Yes
Process UARG Store user and arg columns. Yes
Enable Properties Store entity properties and configurations in ATSD from the nmon file. Yes
Ignore Errors Ignore all errors. Parses only known metrics and properties. No
Retention Interval How long the uploaded nmon file is stored on the ATSD server. 2 days by default. 2 days