This document describes how to install an ODBC-JDBC bridge on a Windows machine. The bridge serves as a data link between ATSD and Windows applications that do not support JDBC driver technology.

The bridge intercepts SQL queries from the client applications via the Microsoft ODBC protocol and transmits the queries into ATSD using the ATSD JDBC driver.


  • Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system, 64-bit edition.
  • Java 7.
  • ODBC-JDBC bridge.


  1. Download and install Java 7. Note that Java 8 is not fully supported by the ODBC-JDBC bridge vendor.
  2. Register an account with the bridge vendor. The account is required for trial license activation.
  3. Download the trial version of the ODBC-JDBC bridge.
  4. Download ATSD JDBC driver with dependencies.

Bridge Installation

Install and activate the bridge:

  • Run the installer under an Administrator account

  • Skip the welcome page

  • Accept the license agreement

  • Choose an installation path

  • Confirm the installation

  • Check the License Manager box and finish

License Activation

A license manager window appears after exiting from the installation wizard. If the window fails to appear go to Start and search for License Manager. Fill out the form fields as entered in the registered account and click Request License

  • Choose Trial, click Next

  • Choose ODBC JDBC Gateway, click Next

  • Click Online request

  • If the activation succeeds, a pop-up window appears

  • Also a window with the new license is displayed in the License Manager

Configure ODBC Data Source

  • Go to Start, type ODBC and launch ODBC Data Source Manager under an Administrator account.

  • Open System DSN tab, click Add....

  • Choose the ODBC-JDBC Gateway, click Finish.

  • Enter the following settings in the DSN Setup window:

DSN         :   ATSD
User name   :   <atsd username>
Password    :   <atsd password>
Driver class:   com.axibase.tsd.driver.jdbc.AtsdDriver
Class Path  :   <path to ATSD driver, for example C:\drivers\atsd-jdbc-1.3.2-DEPS.jar>
URL         :   jdbc:atsd://atsd_hostname:8443

Refer to ATSD JDBC documentation for additional details about the URL format and the driver properties.

  • Check (enable) Strip Quote option to remove the quotes from table and column names.

  • Check (enable) Strip Escape option to remove ODBC escape sequences.

  • Click Test to verify the settings. If result is correct, save the settings.

In case of Unable to create JVM error, run a Repair task in Windows Program for the bridge program. The error occurs if the bridge is installed prior to Java installation.

  • The System DSN tab now displays the new data source.