Detailed Values by Date (No Aggregation) for Two Metrics


Build a report displaying two metrics in one workspace.

Data Source

  • Tables: bi.ex_net1.m and bi.im_net1.m


  • Drag-and-drop both tables to Canvas area
  • Select Inner Join, specify Time and Entity as equal fields:

  • Click Sheet 1
  • Click OK to acknowledge the warning about limitations
  • Drag-and-drop Datetime onto the columns field (you can use any of Datetime), change from YEAR aggregation to Exact Date
  • Drag-and-drop both Value onto the rows field, change from SUM aggregation to Dimension
  • Specify color: Marks > Value (you can use any of Value) > Color
  • Specify shape: Marks > Value (you can use any of Value) > drop-down > Shape


Compare the two metrics: